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What’s Your Superpower?

Have you’ve ever thought yourself magical?  As a child running around with your mother’s apron tied around your neck, it was easy to feel invincible, untouchable, fearless at least.  I always imagined I was invisible and guess what? It worked…I could be ignored and forgotten at the gas station watching the family station wagon drive away with six other louder, bigger, older and more visible children in it.

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Yeah, that superpower didn’t serve me well as child anymore than it does as an adult. These days I’m more into empowering myself to help others to be seen, heard and awakened to their own life of magic. To discover and realize what the angels wished for you when you were born.

Magic is in the air, you can smell the change like a fresh cut Christmas tree.  Yoga is practiced outside of basements, witchcraft is now valuable plant-based medicine, Chrakra is a household word and alternative ways of healing are no longer considered hocus pocus.

Holistic healing is integrating Eastern and Western approaches toward health and vitality.  Emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of healing cannot be separated from the physical body.  Food, daily exercise and meditation are medicine.

The healing power of connection and touch are also required for whole health.  It’s within these two healing modalities that I am finding my own empowerment. (Did anyone else just hear angels singing?)       

New Superpowers! So, I’ve since traded in my mother’s apron for yoga pants.  Yoga teaches us to connect to our own bodies first, we then learn how to connect to others in healthy ways.  When a person feels invisible unseen or unheard, that can translate to being misunderstood or insignificant. In my Zero Balancing practice I touch in on bone, the densest part of our physical bodies.  This alone feels validating, as social beings we require connection to others  and our physical bodies respond to this feedback, we instantly sense if its good for us or if we should have fear.  Sometimes we even “see it coming” and respond accordingly without having put ourselves in harm's way.

What’s your Superpower?  Like the pulse in your wrists and the vibrations in your palms are undeniably present so is the human potential of the magic within to awaken and find its way out into the world of manifestation.


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Dianne Graves