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"No matter where you go, there you are". - Confucius

I love to travel and move, I am always up for a sight-seeing road trip. For me, moving to a new home is an exciting adventure that I often partake in—In fact I have worn out all my house moving buddy help! It was though always finding myself wanting to take up new and different space that it occurred to me. Everywhere I go there I am! Not one to stay in any uncomfortable situation, my response system was in flight mode, after all I was the incredible invisible child. I had the ability to disappear into thin air!

“What is Zero Balancing?” I get asked this question a lot. But to be honest, when I first discovered ZB, I too asked the same question. It only took one (very profound) treatment before I decided to find out and become a practitioner of ZB. That also led me to travel. I set out on a road trip to Salem, Massachusetts to begin my first lag of my ZB educational journey. Lucky for me Salem was exactly what I needed, being richly steeped in it own magical history of mysteries.


What I discovered among other things is Zero Balancing touch has the power to help us with these long ingrained patterns at work in our lives. Working with the energy held in the bone is science not magic, sorry to disappoint anyone here. Soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments and body organs) are reactive tissues. When muscles are massaged for example they respond by expanding or contracting, they interact with the massage touch. and you are aware, conscience of the interaction. Bones are conduits (non-reactive), they do not have the ability to contract, shut down or block vibration, they absorb, all they can do is receive imprints which are buried deeply into the subconscious. Some of these vibration energies which our bones absorb as we grow include, Issues of self identity. What we believe about ourselves conditioned by what others think of us. The ZB practitioner touches in on bone using fulcrums allowing energy to re-organize itself, an unpinning of deep held memory (vibration energy).

The first step into any new journey takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in new places and situations. It’s exciting and scary both at the same time. As I experienced my first ZB class in Salem I found myself on a new growing edge in my personal and professional life. I can see internal changes within myself, like taking a look at my own reflection. I amaze myself taking bigger bolder steps, to be confident in myself not shrinking back or leaving a situation or place, and looking for “greener pastures”. I now find more grounded, with stick to “it-ness” and work with who I am in the place where I’m at.


I’m feeling more grounded with regular ZB treatments.

Dianne Graves