Yoga & Wellness



$75.00 (60 minute session) $100.00 (90 minute session)

A one on one yoga experience in which I will be moving your body into some assisted stretches and yoga postures, and applying varying amounts of pressure to bring awareness to different parts of your body. As the receiver of Pranassage think of yourself as a marionette, I will physically move your body into a flow of positions that allow deep relaxation.

Before beginning a Pranassage session, we’ll chat about would you like to experience, your expectations, goals or any intentions for the session.  We will assess any discomfort you may be experiencing in your body, any tension that might limit movement, or to receive gentle touch pressure. Throughout the session, I will offer you any props or supports to make you more comfortable.

No Yoga experience is required just a want or need for relaxation and wellness. The physiological benefits of deep relation can relieve stress, mental tension, strengthen the immune system, widen restricted respiratory passages, relief from pain, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Pranssage can be done in the comfort of your own home if you have a large open space, or you can come to my space near the ocean on the beautiful Aspotogan Peninsula.